my wish for graduation

More like wishes.

I don’t know but I think I deserve something for my college graduation. I mean, I want to have something to symbolize my success after four long years. I want to catch myself staring at it while I’m in my office five years from now or while I’m cleaning my room sooner or later.

So to bring back the past activeness of this site, let me start by telling you what I want to have for my graduation.

1. Sablay. Actually I don’t have the financial capacity to buy one but I’m really doing my best. I want a hablon-made Sablay and it costs P800.00.


2. Complete Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. Oh I love the series! I only have 3 books out of almost 24 (One for the Money, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen and Plum Lucky). It’s an easy read and I always catch myself laughing because of the characters!

Stephanie Plum Series

3. Android Phone. Whoa! This is a very expensive luxury for me and actually I don’t need it. I just want to have it because for so long I’ve been “out of place” among my friends who always do online stuff with their fuckin phones. I said that if I have the means I will have an android phone and the first thing I would do is to have an Instagram account and post every stupid picture I have. Hahaha!


4. A bouquet of flowers. Garland is sooo elementary and high school. I want to have a bouquet (maybe of roses or any nice flower) given to me during the graduation ceremony. I don’t know if somebody would grant that, but if it would happen, I think I’m going to cry out of happiness.


5. A nice dress and shoes. This is petty but yeah I wanna have it! I want a black or maybe dark blue above-the-knee dress and a pair of plastic high-heeled shoes – I fancy these kind of shoes for a while. Or I think I want a new North Face bag because my three others were left in Sara and I have no plans of going there anymore.


I know these things seem impossible for me to have but they say be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it! =)


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  1. Same thoughts about the ‘Android Phone’. All i wanted was an instagram account. 🙂

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