first day of work

and I’m like, “OMG! I’m still drunk!”

I just came from two consecutive nights of different fiestas – Sag-on and Bagumbayan and I think my brain is bleeding. I can’t even concentrate on writing the first Motion earlier. By the way, I work somewhere in Iloilo City as a paralegal. Sounds nice, huh? (Uh huh?)

Today is my first day and I feel very irresponsible for drinking last night. I was even eager to dance there! Thank goodness to my friends who forced me to go home even if I didn’t want to go home. When I arrived I called them all and asked them to go back there and dance. I was crazy!

Nonetheless, I was happy, safe and sound. I woke up 5:30 AM earlier and I arrived 8:30 in the city. I plan on working hard starting tomorrow and I hope I could really do it! Aja!

isn't it?
isn’t it?

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