hello crush

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Hello crush, you know what? I’m just somewhere when you’re skating, I can hear you when you pass by me and I saw you ride that cool motorbike. I saw you tons of times in that cute school uniform with a guitar behind you and it makes me wanna jump every time I see you. In case you don’t know, I exist. I know it’s really really weird for me to have a crush on you because you’re still, like, in high school, but whatever. Thank you for making me inspired everyday, and please don’t get freaked out if I tell you that I stalk your Facebook account almost every hour. Sorry I really did my best to find your picture somewhere online just to find out your name. It’s just a way of making me smile, making me feel good and elated in this sad sad world. I hope that I could really meet you soon and that I could see you again somewhere ( Maybe Petron? or Plaza? πŸ˜› ).

Sorry for grabbing your pictures. I’m really really sorry! Please don’t get mad.


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