On Rock Climbing and other stuff

Let me start with “other stuff”. Well it involves things like having no money which is already expected in my case as well as having so many problems especially my devalued love life. Actually devalued is an understatement. I don’t have a love life at all, so it sort of, like, makes me crazy because this is so not me. But yeah, it’s been months already so I’m starting to get used to it. (OMG! Getting used to it is so freaking me out) Now let’s go to the Rock Climbing part. Last week a new acquaintance asked me to join a “Climb”. I thought it was some sort of a wall climbing where there’s a wall and there are fake rocks so I said yes because I liked how a character in Secret Garden did it and I’m kind of into sports so I already have a yen for it. I wanna sweat like crazy. So last Saturday I went to Nautod in Caguyuman, Dingle. It’s my first time there, but not really in Dingle. I’ve been there for my academics before. Anyway, the trip was tiresome because it involved so many vehicle rides – 4 jeepneys and a motorcycle all in all from Miagao. It’s beside the fact that I was dead drunk the night before thus I had a hungover. So when I arrived there, there was a half-naked guy who sort of welcomed us. He told us where to go in order to reach the top and find the rock climbing group. So we walked and walked and sweat were like rainfall that covered my body. I was so overwhelmed with exhaustion but at the same time I was happy because I liked the feeling. I liked being like that. When we reached the top I was a little bit surprised because it was very different from what I’ve imagined. There was a wall, yeah, a real freaking mountain wall; there were also rocks, real rocks that can kill you. But no I didn’t die, common sense would tell you that I am still alive because of this post. I tried to “climb” but I was such a failure. I bruised my knee, that’s all I’ve got. 3qxqb7 The night with the group was interesting. They let us speak what we wanted to or I mean what we thought of the activity. Honestly, I thought it was fun. I wanna learn. I wanna be like them. But then, I don’t have the courage yet. I’m a strong person, though I have this not-so-big body, but I know I am strong so being scared at first was just a warm up for something big. I know I can make it if I could just set myself to do it. But I’m still scared so it’s not really an esteem booster to say that I am strong. I still didn’t make it to the first part. But, the next day, I tried to climb again and I reached more or less one-third of the wall and it was awesome. Shit! I know I’m fucking lousy but hell yeah, I made it to more or less one-third l. Who could do that? You? I’m not sure you can handle it. But I made it, so the “strong” part was really true and the i-know-i-can-make-it-if-i-set-myself-to-do-it shit was working. Still, I was scared so there’s no point in rejoicing. Kidding, bitterness and sarcasm aside, it was a worthwhile adventure for me and given a chance I would like to have a knack of it. I want to develop my skills in rock climbing. You know I have this vision that if given a real sensible choice, I really want to be an athlete and by joining such activity is like already living my dream. I wanna say thank you to the persons I’ve met there and I salute you for living your dreams too, for fulfiling your passions and spreading it to the community. Kodus!


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