Wish granted

More like wishes, again.

Remember what I posted a week before graduation about what I want to have after that nostalgic moment? Well, if you can’t and you’re new here, this is the link.

So I am posting this to give thanks to all the people who made my wishes came true. You’re like genies guys and I’m like in a fucking fairy tale story.
1. I wanna give my friends (Raiza, Dolly, Dana, Clyde, Febrey, Allyn am I right?) my right fingers for this Sablay. I don’t actually know the composition of these donors but I know that you love me and I love you too. Take care of my fingers, one may fuck you. BeFunky_CrossProcess_1.jpg

2. I would like to give my extra fats to Dolly Venegas for giving me a Lean Mean Thirteen book by Janet Evanovich. I love it! Use these extra fats to enlarge a place we call ass. Bleeh! BeFunky_Lomoart_6.jpgBeFunky_Instant_3.jpg


3. I wanna give my heart (if I could) to the one who gave me this phone. I hope we could both be patient. samsung-galaxy-s-duos-black

4. Flowers from Nanay. Nay, for you, I wanna give my life, my everything! Just wait for it. I love you! BeFunky_VintageColors_1.jpg

5. Lastly I wanna give Clyde Gacayan my ears so that he could listen as much as he talks and Thea Redison my eyes, for her to see things in a different perspective. Thank you for making me look awesome with these dresses.

by Clyde
by Clyde
by Thea
by Thea





































I love you guys! I know I am not a perfect person but thank you for making me feel special. Someday I know I could grant your wishes too.


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