Books I want to have for my birthday

Yeah. Wishes again. I’d like to believe that this blog is like a fairy godmother to me because whatever I post here, more or less, becomes a reality.

So my 21st birthday (I know I’m getting old) is coming up and I want to have something again. Why? Because as far as I could remember, I never had a birthday party and I thought this year would be a lot more different. I always planned of having a celebration for what I consider my “debut” for the reason that I never had one when I was 18. I remembered that when I turned 18, I was just crying all day because the money that was supposed to cover the food expenses for my supposed party was spent by my granny. It’s like a June 19 mourning and not a June 19 morning. Happens almost every year.

So this year I hope it would be different. I am not into celebration anymore (doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate) but I am now into gifts which could either be given by YOU or if I work hard for it, I could give it to myself. (But I hope it would be given by any of you. Oh, I’m so adorable, you can’t resist me guys. :3 Hahaha)

Cutting the crap, I want to have books. Hardbound books. Softbound Books. Any books as long as it is NOT a PDF version. I don’t really mind what books you give me but I have my own set of list. Actually I have a small notebook for the checklist of the books I want to have. Right now, I only have 10 titles from the list and I hope that within the remaining days of the year, I could have it all. Or not. Actually, you can give it to me this coming Wednseday (He he he).

Most of the books I included here are sequels of the books I’ve already read and others are just books of the same author.











So I hope someone who loves me so much could grant any of these. I would really jump of happiness even if I just get one.


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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    21? I wish I stayed 21 forever!

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