(my) worst drunk moments

What happened last Saturday keeps on reverberating inside my head and it’s making me crazy. I keep on talking to myself until now just to rationalize everything. I’m always afraid of doing something wrong but every time I remember it, it makes me laugh so hard, like I did earlier, while riding on a jeep to the city. I kept on laughing trying to recall so many drunk moments I cannot imagine happened.

Oh my gosh! Help me Lord! Why was I like that? It kills me to the bones to think I did that but I have no regrets because those moments made me who I am now. It made me stronger.

Let me share my drunk moments with you. I narrowed things down to 5, so here are the Top 5 worst drunk moments of Jorge Parker.

5. Balay Madyaas Akwe 2010

It was my first time in an upper-class dormitory. I was a sophomore and I’ve never been to a “party” before. I know that BD is famous for its “juice” but I never thought that drinking that strawberry juice can knock me out. When I wake up the next day, I remembered barfing so hard. I remembered that the party was fun and that I danced with a lot of people (most of them gays) but the worst part is when I asked my crush to dance with me. He said, “Pahuway kana, hubog ka na” which practically means “NO” and so after that night I decided to forget him.

this is it. he's there
this is it. he’s there

4. Summer 2011

I went to Miagao to do a Physical Examination because I was once again late. Unfortunately, the infirmary was closed so I decided to ask my two friends to have a little “drink” with me. It lasted til night that I got knocked out by alcohol again. While forcing myself to barf that night, I slipped off the edge of a steep part beside my friend’s house and end up in a Kamonsil tree. The next day, I got so many bruises and scratches all over my body.

3. Sometime in 2012

My friends and I decided to drink because we’re bored. I was drunk, I was angry but I didn’t know why. I forgot. When we went home, I decided to get out and run and run until I got somewhere. Until now, it’s my secret and my friends have no idea where I went.

teh bal-an niyo kung diin ko nagkadto?
teh bal-an niyo kung diin ko nagkadto?

2. July 2012

We were assigned to feed the cheerers of Redbolts. While waiting we decided to drink, together with my classmates. The drama started and it was the worst night of my life because I was still in the middle of a crisis. It was the time when I’m still confused if I can make it on my own. While my friends were talking, I climbed up the bridge and said “Malumpat na’ko” while laughing. I tried it three times but my friends persistently stopped me. I know back in my mind I have no plans of taking my life but if it were not because of them, I’m maybe in hell now.

drinking with classmates
drinking with classmates


1. December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve. I was drunk with my ex-love (not just ex-boyfriend but EX-LOVE). I was invited by my friend to go to their house because it’s their fiesta and since I have no place to stay, I happily obliged. I saw him there because the friend I was talking about was his niece. I didn’t talk until I was drunk because I know that when it comes to him, I am dead shy. Later that night, we talked about anything we could imagine but I was surprised when I suddenly told him “I still love you”. GOD! LORD! I want to die that instant. I didn’t know what he said but one thing I remember is the phrase “I still care” which means “I don’t love you but I don’t want to hurt you” or “I still love you too but I can’t commit myself because I love playing around” or whatever. It was also a worst night of my life and I don’t want to go back.

Worst, eh? There’s still so many untold stories but it’s for me to keep and for you to find out. Drinking isn’t really my thing but I’m good at it and it makes me do and say things I can’t when I’m sober. Til next drunk moment!


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