The feeling was not love. She was sure of that. But that was the time she wanted to be loved by someone – someone strong and mature enough to understand her, someone who could accept all her choices and who will make choices with her. She did love him, but not that moment or any moment after all her feelings were settled to someone else, though that someone else, for some reason, was also out of her life now.

She’s alone.

She already forgot him. The love was all gone. She’s now happy with her life and she knows, he is too, because he told her he has this girl already.

She didn’t care.

Suddenly, he came back. He asked him to come and she nervously obliged. She saw him and she was happy. They met, wearing his pretty face and his flashy smile. It’s been a while. She’s convinced they could be friends this time. She told him she was sorry for what she did. He told her, all is well. With these, she knew, from then on, everything’s gonna be fine.

She felt great.

But she’s astonished why after that, he’s gone forever. He completely erased her from his life. She didn’t want to do anything about him but she felt something’s wrong. She wonders, why?

She asked him.

Until now, she’s still waiting for an answer. Her heart still prays but her mind just laughs. And so she’s sitting and she’s not feeling anything. She’s not even sad because all of a sudden she knows. She can sit now and forever and laugh and laugh while the tears run salty in the corners of her mouth. For all of a sudden, she knows, she knows what the world knew all the time – he will never, never answer – never.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. bookofmohs says:

    Such a wonderful description of letting go of lost loves, well done!

  2. Jorge Parker says:

    I just couldn’t contain my feelings. Thanks for dropping by.

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