on MY reading life

Last night, while I was doing my “thing” before sleeping, I had a light bulb moment. I suddenly thought of making a post about my “reading life” because lately, I’ve been a little disappointed about my pacing. In the beginning of the year, I planned to read 100 books. I even challenged myself on Goodreads because I think I can make it knowing that after graduation, I will be free from all academic-related works, so I could focus on reading the books in my checklist.

But after a grand detour from my original plan, I can only read few of the books that I like. I did not stop reading but the books I now read are actually mandatory-to-read-books-coz-it-is-academic-stuff-kind-of-thing. I read these books, like, everyday that is the reason I am doomed. I don’t have enough sleep and I am always tired.

Nevertheless, I think I am still a reader and I still have the right to complain about things, especially if it concerns the books I love. Lately, I noticed that books are getting crappier than ever. When I feel this, I remind myself of my motto to refrain from giving book reviews and just respect the author but things are getting worse.

I know that the number of books I’ve read do not match those of these authors but I just want to have a say on this. Sometimes, there are really authors who, just because their first book was a bestseller, think that they already have the right to make crappy sequels. I don’t want to cite cases but if you are a reader, you can easily give a list of examples.

At the end of the day, I can say that I still love reading and I miss it A LOT. I love the comfort it gives me. I am hoping that I could finish my new journey soon enough so that I could once again savor the pleasure of being in another dimension.





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