stereotyping girls

I’m a girl. I have a well-functioning vagina and an average pair of breasts. I wear acceptable kinds of girl’s clothes and ultimately I can be able to conceive a child. Why am I telling you this? Because I hate people telling me or anyone that, and to quote, “DAW INDI KA BABAYE” just because we don’t like doing household chores!

I know this is still a patriarchal society, but come on people, it’s the 21st Century! Girls are better than washing dishes, sweeping the floors and any similar stuff. I know a lot of guys who are much worse when it comes to ability compared to girls, so why limit us to things inside the house? Why can’t guys be responsible for those things too?

I brought up this topic because I’m annoyed how someone here in the office keeps on telling me why I don’t do things like this or like that because I’m a girl. Actually, I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to do the stuff she said, sometimes I do it but most of the times I don’t, because I am not a keeper. You can actually ask me in whatever manner you want as long as it is clear, just don’t assume that I will voluntarily do things for the reason that I AM A GIRL because as far as I know, being a girl does not mean being a maid. I care about the office, but I’m hired to do more important things and that’s why there are staffs to do these things. It’s the division of labor everyone. You don’t expect me to initiate to make you coffee even though you don’t tell me to. You don’t expect me to clean your table or whatever even though I am not asked to do it. I don’t mean to be rude but just so you know, I don’t live in assumptions. I live in reality, in the exactness of things; I live with plans because I don’t want to mess my life. I’m just spontaneous when it comes to my social life, but this is work. I am paid to do certain tasks and if I mess that up because I chose to wash dishes, I will once again be reprimanded and I hate that. I want my employers to think that I am taking my job seriously.

I know I can’t tell the concerned party these things out of respect, but I hope that someday people will learn the equality of sexes, that girls are not born to clean and to please everyone with their household prowess. Girls are born pretty and smart and they can out-power boys if they want to!

don't waste your life
don’t waste your life

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