we are never getting back together

I only had three serious relationships, though it doesn’t mean that they were serious with me, at least I was awfully serious with them. I always thought the current one was the last one. However, things never happened the way I wanted them to be. All those three guys unfortunately slipped away. I was sad of course, but I always believe that it’s a good thing. I mean, at least I wasn’t stuck with someone who’s not even my soul mate in the first place. I always move on.

There are so many things that I don’t believe in when it comes to relationships. Aside from courtship which is a complete waste of time, I am also no fan of “getting back”. When we end, we end. That’s it! No turning back. Don’t getΒ me wrong but I have a logical reason here.

What’s the point of having an on-off relationship when you are just only on the girlfriend-boyfriend status? You fight, yes, but is it really necessary to break up and get back again? How can you work things out when you eventually get married when in the first place you left each other every time you had contradictions back when you were just young lovers? You see, I am a believer of working things out together, I hate it when people try to break their relationships because they fight and then get back when they make up. That’s bullshit! I never ever got back with any of my past partners. Though the moving on part was rough, I bear in mind that I will not settle for someone who will leave me when all else fails.

That’s why I don’t really like it when I hear people talking about long-time relationships which involved so many break-ups and make-ups. I can’t imagine why they spent five or six years or worse more than that to someone who’s basically not the right one for them. I never had a relationship that lasted a year, but at least I was smart enough not to prolong my agony by settling down to someone whom I can’t share all my thoughts without judging me or whom I can’t be with when I need them.

Marriage is the ultimate goal of every relationship, you love because you want to settle down someday. You want to have kids and grow old with someone you trust. You don’t go for jerks who only save themselves, you must go for guys who know first hand that having you in their life would be a heck of a roller coaster ride but will be there, holding your hands, until everything gets better.

Cue Music: Since U Been Gone

you cant choose whom to love but you can always choose whom to spend the rest of your life with
you cant choose whom to love but you can always choose whom to spend the rest of your life with

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    True! I agree with the on-and-off thing.

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