independence year

I know that I posted so much about love these past few months but I was awakened when I remember my New Year’s Resolution. Last  January I vowed to have an “independence year” – free from the sorrow of love and the pain of having a pain-in-the-ass love affair. I want to be alone and stay single for the rest of the year and I guess that’s slowly becoming a reality. I hope saying my thought out loud is not a jinx, having this posted in advance, but I am thrilled to have an accomplishment this year! Finally! I only had two wishes, aside from the foregoing, I also vowed to go to church and attend the mass for at least 26 times because that’s half a year and I’m really going strong with this.

I don’t know but maybe the universe is conspiring to make things perfectly fall into their right places in my life. Well, I guess not the love life part but I think the universe saw how stupid I was and it thinks that I need to have something to hold on to to carry on. I mean, I already have a meaningful life but having accomplishments makes me want to believe in myself a little more, thus, making me believe that everything I want to have and to become is not impossible.

This independence year is about to end, and I am hoping that I could resist the pull of company. I hope that I could resist the temptation of having what old romance novels and chick flicks want us to fantasize. – the kiss, the hugs, the flowers, the sex, and the whatever! I can’t promise that the next three months will be the same, but I swear I will try to get away from anyone who could ruin another accomplishment for me.

don’t let a man interfere

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