what sembreak?

My Persons and Family Relations teacher told us last night,

You’re probably asked by your friends, “San-o sembreak niyo?”,“WHAT SEMBREAK?” Amu na dapat ang isabat niyo.

Yeah, WHAT SEMBREAK? What the hell is that? Because as far as my school works are concerned, it’s permanently eliminated in my vocabulary. I may have a coffee break, a break fast, I may break someone’s heart or even a lot of stress-induced cigarette breaks, but semestral break is never gonna happen. At least not anytime soon.


I know that this new endeavor will be difficult from the very beginning that’s why in view of that fact, I immediately started forgetting the existence of holidays and its glorious effects to students. How I miss the joy of being a bum all day; the eat-sleep-eat-sleep routine as well as the go-wherever-i-want madness, because it’s all over now. After the first time I experienced a class on a holiday and even a class on a Sunday, I was so hopeless I began to think Christmas will be just another day or worst, even New Year. I guess summer break’s a little blur too.

However, I need to be a serious student and forget the heart break that not having a sembreak’s giving me. If I was serious before, I need to triple it or better yet, I need to exponentially increase it to the Nth power. Like, who needs a break, right? I don’t even celebrate Christmas and I don’t have any talent for vacation either. Right now, I just need to focus. This is the life I chose so I will do whatever it takes to get through this, no wait, I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THROUGH THIS SUCCESSFULLY!

To those who are enjoying their sembreaks, take your time bitches!
To those who don’t have sembreaks (like me), remember after 5-10 years of hardships, it will be our turn!
Save the best for Mother bitches! Cheers! NO PAIN, NO GAIN!


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