just tell me why

I was supposed to send this to someone, good thing it failed. Talk about saving myself from a shame spiral.

“I really thought so hard why you weren’t texting me and I came up with some conclusions

a. You’ve lost your phone with my number in it
b. You are paralyzed, you can’t text
c. You just don’t want to text me
d. You don’t really like me
e. I made something really bad that pissed you off
f. I’m boring
g. You hate how bad I was
h. I was not the girl you thought I were
i. You found the love of your life
j. You found the love of your life, again
k. A monster ate you alive
l. I was just a part of a plan
m. Or maybe just one of the girls
n. I’m not good enough for you
o. You’re busy (which is another word for asshole)
p. You’re with your friends
q. You’re with other girls
r. You don’t want to be associated with me
s. I’m really stupid
t. I did something wrong
u. I’m too short
v. I say a lot of stupid things
w. I say a lot of bad things
x. I smoke
y. I drink

It really got me thinking why you’re like that now. I really like you and I thought that you honestly liked me. I wish you could just tell so I wont have hang ups, then I could just forget you and move on.”


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