to my family in Sara

My Dear Family,

Remember me? I know you do, so if you have time, please read this.

I know I was not there during the typhoon, you all know why, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care a lot. I don’t know how to show it because of my absence but I died a thousand times when I saw devastating photos of what’s happened to my old town. I prayed a lot that all of you will be saved from the cunt Yolanda. I dare say that I really hate her as much as I hate this semi-feudal semi-colonial system. I hate her for hurting a lot of people. I don’t want anybody hurt, least of all, you.

I was really bothered by Tingting’s text that they almost died. I don’t know what happened because she failed to detail it to me but I’m really glad everybody’s fine. I’m glad no one’s hurt. I’m glad that I didn’t receive a message that someone’s dead or that someone’s missing. What a relief! I’m glad Nanay and Tatay are okay. I’m really thankful. At least I know all those “Thank You Lord” I did for the last few weeks before sleeping and after waking up worked for the best. The Divine Entity did not fail us.

I’m really sorry for not being there. I’m really sorry for being so far away. In time, all that was lost shall be returned, all that was destroyed shall be built again and all that was gone shall be replaced. Just hold on and be strong! You know I love you all and you understand why I’m doing this. Just do me a little favor, please take care of yourselves all the time. I’m always thinking of you.

Love, Dana

insert Tatay!



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