the “dump” thing

I said on my Facebook post that I was bitter with a hashtag “dumped” on it. Let me explain that. With all the rationalizations going on inside my mind, I just need to.

Recently, someone “dumped” me for the worst reason of all. I want to emphasize that it’s sort of “unreal” because our “thing” had no labels on it, I think it was even imaginary, so “dump” maybe an exaggeration. But, whatever! He dumped me. Yes. For absolutely no reason at all. That was the worst kind of way someone can dump you. I mean, if he fell in love with someone else, or I did something wrong, or I let him down in some unforgivable way, or I was ugly, or I was lame, or he was just playing, or anything like that, I’d understand, right? But instead, he said, it wasn’t anything. Not a single thing. He said it was not me but of course I know it was me. Why on earth would he drop me off like that if it wasn’t me at all? I started thinking of possible reasons just to console myself. Maybe I was too nice, I was too kind, I was too stupid, I was too conceited. I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t see the connection anymore. Maybe he thought I was boring. And if it’s true, honestly, that would hurt me. Maybe that’s why he didn’t say a word, because I know that the cruelest part is when someone says something mean about you and you know they’re right.

how about no?
how about no?

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