Christmas Wishlist

I was really excited to post this entry, not until my shirt was torn by the office door, just now (this happened last Friday when I was supposed to post this but the internet connection was a sucker). Ugh! I’m really careless! Anyway, I don’t want to spoil this entry by being sad while writing, so I’m gonna fake a smile and face this freaking computer with enthusiasm because, once again, I am asking for material things. Yes, I am not a hypocrite so I am bluntly announcing to all that what I want for Christmas can be bought by money. This is really a good start to make new enemies in 2014. Ha ha ha! Whatever.

Let me just tell you one thing before the list, I am still single. I guess that adds a little extra consideration why you should give me a gift. I am awfully proud of myself for really accomplishing this ultimate 2013 resolution. I will post about that Next Year. Don’t worry. Now, let’s go the list. I will give you five things.

1. Books. Oh sure. If you know me, you wont be surprised. Choose from among these titles.

main picks
main picks

 I really need to complete my Janet Evanovich Books because I am almost there.

2. Journal. There is an 89-peso worth journal in National Book Store. I can afford it but I don’t want to buy it myself because I will once again be psychologically forced to finish my current journal. I want to take things slow. But, if someone will give it to me, I will be very glad.

3. Spiderman Comics. Issues 1 to 9 published by ABS-CBN or any other Spiderman old or new Comics.

4. Coffee Mug. I am a coffee addict. I need to have a cute and permanent cup.

5. Earrings. Preferably dangling. I just want to have it to make me look a little bit different for the New Year!

Simple right? Now, you might want to consider giving these to me. Thank you! ❀


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