My 2013 Resolutions in review

Last year, I made three resolutions and I bet some of you are familiar with it! I said that 2013 would be, (1) an INDEPENDENCE YEAR; (2) a RELIGIOUS YEAR; and (3) a READING YEAR. I guess, it’s all worth the effort because I completed all of it.

my poster hahaha
my poster hahaha

(1) INDEPENDENCE YEAR. I am technically single since September 2011. I used “technically” because there was actually someone in my life up to the last quarter of 2012 but we were not officially together. Due to the fact that he went abroad and I am really struggling with my personal life, I decided that it would be better to totally cut it off. I don’t want to prolong our agony. I then promised myself that I will get away from anything about relationships in 2013. Now, I am so glad I did it. I am still single. I am really happy because even though I let my guard down and opened a possibility with someone sometime in September to November, I got back on track and finally finish this resolution. I guess some lips are not meant to meet forever and some people are not meant to be with each other.


Guimbal Church, Guimbal, Iloilo
Guimbal Church, Guimbal, Iloilo

(2) RELIGIOUS YEAR. There are more or less 52 weeks a year so I decided to at least go to church 26 times. Well, I will not post this if I did not complete it, right? I have a log of all the masses I went in my little planner, unfortunately, I did not take a photo of it. Next time, I will just edit this post for some evidences. =)





my fave among 100
my fave among 100

(3) READING YEAR. This is the hardest resolution of them all. I really double my time just to finish 100 books because I was so left behind with my past paces. I tried to read some short stories to compensate lost times. Actually, I formulated this challenge because I thought that 2013 would be a “free” year since I will be graduating but due to a grand detour, I am back in school and stuck with academic readings! However, it did not stop me from completing what I have started so you can check my Goodreads account for the list of books I have read!




I still don’t know what I want for 2014. Maybe, within the week I will have all the things I want to accomplish. Maybe. For the meantime, let me savor the success of a year well-lived!


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