Dinagyang 2014, the best so far

It’s been two days since Dinagyang 2014 ended! I can’t believe it happened so fast. I was intoxicated for 3 straight nights with different colleagues every night. On Thursday, I was with my lawyer mentor; on Friday, I was with my boss; and on Saturday night until Sunday I was with my best buds. I opted not to drink and just rest myself to sleep on Sunday night because I was really really tired. I never got to sleep on Saturday because of a super fun night. Here are the series of fortunate events!

  • We went to Plaza Libertad to attend the Sadsad dance and we sang Pit Senior all the way.
      1. Sa mga estudyante? Pit Senior!
        Sa mga estudyante? Pit Senior!
  • I won a game with Mr. Ramon Bautista at SM Car Park, we celebrated that petty won at Paseo de Archangeles until 2 o’clock in the morning
  • Yes Sir Ramon? UGH UGHYOS DITO!
    Yes Sir Ramon? UGH UGHYOS DITO!
  • We tried to find a place to stay and a fucking taxi driver tricked us into believing he wants us safe but then he just want to charge us the best he can. (The picture is irrelevant, I know)
  • with the girls!
    with the girls!
  • We got up at exactly 5 AM and went directly to Freedom Grandstand. We had no ticket so we roamed around instead, went to the Capitol, stayed at McDonalds, went to Robinsons, ate at Samurai and finally went to Jaro Plaza for Reyanne’s Garden Show. We went home at around 6:30 in the evening!
  • early morning rush
    early morning rush

    Dinagyang 2014 is the best yet!


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