My 5 “First” in Law School

1. First Study Time

I don’t mean to say that I don’t study before, but this is the “real study time”. I read the books cover to cover like I used to read novels. I read cases, though I find it hard to digest them, but I still read them faithfully. Some made sense, some, oh my gosh, I cannot even remember.

2. First Paper Eating

I have so much photocopies of cases, I can literally eat it.

3. First Time I Was Asked to Memorize

In college: Don’t just memorize, understand it and state it in your own words.

In Law School: “Oh, you didn’t memorize?” was the second question asked to me. The first was “What is Political Law?”

4. First Time I Was Asked to Recite during the First Day of First Year

This pertains to the preceding number. I thought our teacher was checking the attendance and I was the first on the list, I never thought it was already a recit. I stood there for about 15 minutes of grilling. Oh, btw, it was also the first time I was asked to “stand” to answer and we prayed before the class. High school routines are already blurry after college.

5. First Time I Realized that This is real Life and not Fantasy

Yes, if you want to get out successfully, know as early as possible that this is real life. Gone are the days that you can invent things and make a sense out of it. This is a narrow and one-dimensional field, if you want to be a lawyer, study hard and wake up, if you can, don’t sleep. Dreaming are for dreamers, law books are for lawyers.

i made this during the first exam i had
i made this during the first exam i had

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