Don’t date a girl who reads*

Don’t date a girl who reads when you only need a company. You may have a boring day alone inside your room, but she doesn’t. She may not be outside partying, but she’s contented. She’s now busy with tracking the adventures of Elizabeth Bennet and maybe later, she would continue her quest to finally finishing Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Don’t date a girl who reads, especially and only when you are lonely. She may also be alone, but she has something that keeps her busy, so don’t try to disturb her, she can even hold her pee.

Don’t date a girl who reads when you are fond of going to the mall because you will always be stuck in the same place – a Bookstore. You may not understand why she’s happy after spotting the most tatter-covered book you see, but your astonishment doesn’t bother her because she just found a classic book in the most veiled corner.

Don’t date a girl who reads because she can’t give you luxury. Her pockets are almost always empty. All she could afford are old books on sale and if she does have a big sum I’m sure she’ll spend it to buy tens, if not hundreds of books, in one round.

Don’t date a girl who reads when you want to travel. Sure, she also loves adventure, but most of the time you can find her in the hall where she can just travel more. You are out to discover the world with your feet, you see, she’s also been there without leaving her seat. She’s travelled from way, way back the Stone Age and instantly to somewhere, every minute that she flips a page.

Don’t date a girl who reads when you think she’s uninteresting. She may be silent most of the time, but the ideas are rambling inside her mind. You may think she’s boring, but all her life, what happened next to Holden Caulfield keeps her wondering.

Don’t date a girl who reads because she is kind of obsessive-compulsive. She has a list of everything – “read”, “what-to-read”, and “currently-reading”. Also add “what-I-have” and “what-to-have”, don’t ever forget “what-I-hate” and “what-I-love”.

Don’t date a girl who reads if you just find her attractive physically. Her face is just a part of her, as well as her body. Behind that pretty face is someone who loves a race either from the past or the future, she treks it in an indeterminate pace.

From that you can see that she’s got a lot of time, but not for all your stupid games and crimes. She’s always hasty just to climb the nearest ladder of the library, where at the top there is a good book that was recently adapted into a movie.

Contrary to what you perceive, she’s never boring, she knows a little bit of almost everything. If you want to date a girl who reads you might give up so soon, but if you are patient, she will bring you to every beautiful horizon.

But if in case you find someone like her, keep her and don’t let her go. She may love her books more than she loves you, but rest assured when you need someone, she could be there for you. She may not have enough money to go to places with you, but to anywhere, she’s already got hard or softbound tickets for two.

Unless you understand that every girl behind those pieces of thick paper is a good listener, a good conversationalist, and someone who has a lot of stories, don’t you ever dare to date a girl who reads.

*I dedicate this to all my girlfriends who love to read. Just to add, this is my own version



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  1. Will says:

    That’s a pretty blatant rip off of Charles Warnke’s “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl”

    1. Jordana Mari says:

      First, i have no idea about Charles Warnke’s “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl” and second, I based it on my favorite essay Don’t Date a Girl who travels. It’s your opinion, though.

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