Takbo Mo, Buhay Ko

The only regret I have about this recently concluded event is that I did not pursue my original 10K plan. As I’ve said, I was still a chicken, but being able to run and finish the 5K race made me happy and confident enough to bring it to the next level. I said to myself that one of these days, of course on my next run, I will challenge myself to run better. I am not really a runner, but after running for the summer break, I really appreciate every sweat that came out of my body. They say exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, I think that’s the best explanation I have for being into running.

5K Finisher
5K Finisher

The May 24, 2014 experience gave me an epiphany, I should take care of my health as well as I could help people. I realized that these charity runs are designed not only to give rewards to runner, I mean, completing the race is very rewarding, but it also give rewards to needy people. Also, I learned that there are three kinds of runner – first time runner, happy runner, and competitive runner. I don’t know, but I have a serious face when I run.

I grabbed this picture from Facebook c/o Mr. Joseph Ledesma
I grabbed this picture from Facebook c/o Mr. Joseph Ledesma

I am hoping for more upcoming runs. I hope school will not interfere. 🙂


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