Top 5 Reasons why you should date a Law Student

Like me. 🙂
Here are my top 5 observations why it is totally cool to date nerds like law students.

5. Law students can drink very well. Learning the art of holding one’s liquor is one of the popular traits not only among lawyers, but also among future lawyers. This is not a bad habit, it only means that despite the pressure of school, law students are very sociable.


4.Law students study hard and party harder. As earlier stated, law students are very sociable. The “brain tumor” caused by law school makes each of them value all the parties and the after exam social escapades, like no ordinary people


3. Law students are big fishes. Yes, sooner or later, after passing the bar. Lawyering is one of the most lucrative professions so you might as well invest in your future.


4. Law students have humor.  They say humor is sexy so if you want someone who could make you think hard before understanding the joke, then you found what you are looking for. You may find it hard to understand at first, but if you’re already used to it, you will definitely have the time of your life in his/her company.


5.  Law students are smart., I think that’s not debatable. One cannot enter law school without passing different excruciating examinations. In the first place, the people who enroll here are surely knowledgeable enough that they have entered a hell located on Earth. So if you want to date “smartly”, go for smart people.


*all pictures are from google


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