X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Compared to the last X-Men movie – the second Wolverine – I liked this one. I actually cried. I am really into X-Men that I don’t want mutants to vanish forever. Again, this is not a movie review. I don’t do that. If you look at my past posts about movies, it’s more of, like a reflection paper.

In the movie, I noticed how humanity is very evil. Yes, I am part of that humanity, but I am not complacent about it. Honestly, Magneto’s right, we are allergic to change. We want it, we crave for it, but we are afraid to make it happen. I always do that in everyday life. I am so tired of doing some of the things all over again, but I don’t have the courage to get out of it. Sorry to my professor in Modern Political Thought, but I can’t be your ideal post-modernist. I tried, but it’s not enough.


While watching it, I also realized that movies always try to reflect the status of the society, but we are doing nothing. We say “Yes, it’s us” but no action. It is like a school debate. We cannot walk the talk. Just like me, posting this while sitting here. I am pathetic. We are pathetic.

Unless we try to get out of the box, or we try to get out of the cave, or we try to get out of the chains, we can never really have utopia.

PS: For some who hate it because of the past X-MEN Movies, try to read this timeline so you could understand better.


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  1. I saw it on the bus on the way home last Friday (you know how it is). Too bad didn’t finish it as i had to get down. I’ll wait for it to be available at video rentals to see have a clearer view of the story literally and figuratively.

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