Two years ago today, I made the toughest decision in my life. I admit, everything was a struggle. I had to work hard just to finish school, I had to rely on few good friends from time to time, I had to give up a good relationship with someone because I was literally going crazy pulling myself together, and I had to deal with the fact that from then on, I will be alone 90% of the time. But I am proud of myself for always facing the consequences of my choices and sticking with it until the end. Hambal gane ni Dana, “I have never allowed anyone to decide for me. My family always calls me hard-headed and stubborn but for me it is called free will. And I am so glad I am not the docile and submissive type of woman because I have never regretted any decisions I have made in my life.” YAHOO! HAPPY 2nd INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ME! LA LA DI DA DI. I won’t worry my life away….

Here's a grid of my Oble poses!
Here’s a grid of my Oble poses!

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