Dear Intrams

So far, you are one of my best days here in law school. Thank you for keeping me away from my boring and pathetic work. Thank you for keeping me away from an unhealthy workplace. Just when I thought that I will be stuck there for the rest of the week, thank you for giving me a reason to escape for a short while.

Thank you for reminding me of the person I used to be.

I will never forget you this year, because you have given me hope for myself – a hope that I will never be a boring and miserable person I’m afraid of becoming.


Jorge Parker

Basketball girls
Basketball girls
Football girls
Football girls
Badminton team
Badminton team
volleyball girls
volleyball girls


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  1. I miss Intrams…Not much opportunity to play sports nowadays. Make that nowayears!

    1. Jordana Mari says:

      Hahahaha. Ano bang sports mo?

      1. Volleyball ang kinalakihan ko talaga kasi volleyball instructor father ko, although di ako ganu’n kagaling dito since di naman ako nag-train.

        Pero pwede rin ako sa track-and-field since my college PE instructor was trying to convince me to join the varsity (I didn’t). Disadvantage ko eh sa ikli ng legs ko, dalawa ko eh isa lang ng kalaban ha ha haaa!!! I do know mabilis ako. ‘yun lang due to age and lack of training and exercise, I’m sure ang bagal ko na. Just started after-work jogging with some officemates, though. Hope that helps 😉

        A few years ago, natuto ako medyo mag-badminton pero wala ring opportunity now to do that. Even my Muay Thai sessions stopped…Haays, istorbo talagsa buhay ang trabaho!!!! :))

  2. Jordana Mari says:

    Wow, MuayThai? Is it good? Amazing naman. Ganyan talaga ang work, sagabal sa lahat ng bagay ano? I can feel you, really!

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