20 facts about me (seriously)


The above exhibit is a print screen of my Facebook post. I don’t want to disclose anything on Facebook. It’s not a healthy venue, but here, in this beloved blog of mine, I will seriously post 20 Facts about me. I’m not particularly interested if the readers care or not, I just want them to have the rare opportunity of knowing me.

1. A lot of people really think that my name is Jorge Parker. They think Jorge stands for Georgina and Parker is my legitimate surname. In case that they are not sure, they would just call me Jorge with an awkward attempt to continue, but I fucking know they can’t. My real name is…

2. I love sports. I play Lawn Tennis, Badminton, and Table Tennis quite well. That’s not bragging. I have won several awards for that up to college. Right now, I am into Volleyball and Running.

3. I am often asked if my hair is natural. Well, hell yeah it is!

4. I am not exactly a bad person, but I am also not that good. However, it’s better that I am your friend, you don’t know me, or you’re just an acquaintance; if I am your enemy, good luck, you’ll need that.

5. I want to be a scientist.

6. My life… well, that is the most complicated puzzle I am currently solving, but so far, I am really doing good with this survival thing.

7. I am frank. I am loud. I am honest.

8. In relation to the preceding number, I find it hard to lie that’s why I compensate it with exaggerations.

9. I have a half-sister. Now you know.

10. I have no communication with my mom for more than two years now.

11. I don’t exactly know how to answer the question: “Taga diin ka?” (Where are you from?)

12. I have average self-esteem that I don’t exactly need someone else to boost my spirit. Often, I know what to do, I just gather some confirmations from my friends.

13. I have freckles.

14. I love my grandparents so much.

15. I don’t want to end up alone, but lately I’ve prepared myself to such possibility.

16. I am a law student. Now you know.

17. I have a scholarship since high school up to now. I don’t know, other people just love sending me to school.

18. I love reading so much. The first thing that I want to have inside my house is a library.

19. I hate holidays, especially December holidays.

20. Serve the people.


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  1. “2. I love sports.” Wow, dami no’n ah! Me, too, but I don’t think I’m really that good with any of them. Best ko ang volleyball, pero di pa magaling-level ‘yon.

    “3. I am often asked if my hair is natural.” I get that a lot, too!

    “5. I want to be a scientist.” Me as well but Science won’t let me.

    “13. I have freckles.” hi hi hi ako rin

    “15. I don’t want to end up alone, but lately I’ve prepared myself to such possibility.” Wise thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing yourself πŸ™‚

    1. Jordana Mari says:

      We seem to have so many similarities and that’s very fun to know. I hope you could share about yours too. πŸ™‚

      1. Hmnnn…sige…siguro stuff that most people don’t know, he he…

      2. Jordana Mari says:

        Yep, so that we could know you better πŸ™‚

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