Breaking bad at Cabatuan, Iloilo

After the excruciating exam week, 2A girls decided to go to Cabatuan and enjoy the weekend together. Despite the rainy season, we happily splashed ourselves in the pool to go away with the pain of the exam week and to prepare ourselves with more pain the giving back of results will bring us. Kaya ta ni guys! Going back, all was worth it. Again, as I always say, life is better with friends.

10178021_4727518804117_963011871265212490_n 10614400_4727511363931_5090685588586915960_n 10641016_4727509923895_3488910702107996527_n  10659394_4727515644038_5540912462611641080_n 10670193_4727522404207_3264638665283202913_n 10685379_10203740801939414_4815581083358148583_n 10686880_10203740801219396_6765739964810218935_n10649765_10203738615684759_8365366800549709821_n


2 Comments Add yours

  1. All work and no play….

  2. Jordana Mari says:

    makes Jack a dull boy. All talk and no work makes him an asshole. Hahaha

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