38th Milo Marathon Iloilo Qualifying Race

It was my first time to join the Milo race yesterday. At first, I really wanted to join the 10K category, but I didn’t have enough money. I only availed of the student rate for 5K which was only P80. I woke up at around 4AM, I stretched for a while, and I immediately went to West Visayas State University with Allyn. I was really excited. I was hoping that I could make it to the top 10, just for the medal. I didn’t win. I finished 12th in my category with I think 27 minutes. One of the facilitators approached me in the finish line and said to another to register me as a back-up winner in case one of the potential winners gets disqualified. But come on, would you really join a race just to get disqualified? I stayed in the “winners area” for a while, but I gave up and meet Allyn instead. I was already happy with my finisher’s certificate, more so, with my time. I mean, I always finish 5K in more or less 45 minutes, but that time it was only 27 minutes. I said to myself that had I known that I can run, I should have developed it when I was younger. I only started running last May and I’m already 21 then.

Anyway, Allyn and I took several shots and eventually went home without finishing the event. One thing I regret is not having a picture with Coach Rio. 😦 Next year nalang 🙂

my selfie after i registered
my selfie after i registered




my failed selfie with coach rio
my failed selfie with coach rio

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