All About Her All-Female Run

I woke up extra early for this event. The climate is changing, that’s why even though it’s only 5 o’clock in the morning, the light’s all over the place.

What makes this run different is the fact that it’s an “All-Female Run”. I put the quotation marks because there were also men runners, so literally it’s not an “All-Female Run”. But it’s not important, what really mattered was the intention of having an “All-Female Run” especially that it is unique here in Iloilo and I liked it. For the first time, it’s nice to run without those competitive men trying to outrun each other; it’s nice to have a wider space for myself. Hehe

Anyway, I ran under the 3K category and I finished 8th. 10808190_10205172460172513_1851436761_n10807102_10205172461932557_739463924_n

Shout out to this girl! Hi nang! :)
Shout out to this girl! Hi nang! 🙂

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  1. “All-Female Run” with men in it…LOL!!!! I mean, seriously!!!

    Congrats, though. I have yet to join any fun run. My experience of it was mainly as part of the organizers when I worked for a child-welfare NGO. I “experienced” it twice.

    I take it the grocery shot (he he, dunno how to describe it) shows the give-aways?

    1. Jordana Mari says:

      That’s the irony, but it was fun. Hahaha. Give-aways nga yan, yung FabCon kasi consolation prize. You should join, it’s satisfying, really!

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