Artificial Reef Deployment in Dumangas, Iloilo

Last Sunday, November 23, 2014, we went to Lapuz-Lapuz Island, Dumangas, Iloilo for the culminating activity of our Environmental Law class. We took off at around 7:30 AM from University of San Agustin and arrived there at around 10:30. It was a long ride.

riding a boat
riding a boat
serious much?
serious much?

When we arrived, there was a small introduction by the officer-in-charge from Iloilo State College of Fisheries (ISCOF). He said that the same island is a marine area and conservation site of ISCOF. He also taught us how to plant mangroves.

I planted 10 seedlings!
I planted 10 seedlings!
with my classmates

Eventually,we deployed the artificial reefs. Its goal is to help the area.Β From the very beginning,our teacher told us that we need to contribute to the environment. I agree. Last time, we held a tree planting activity in Cabatuan.

What I really like about our Environmental Law class is the fact that for the first time, the environment is given considerations when we promulgate our laws. It is not just about the interaction of a person to another person, it is also about the interaction of the person to the environment.

with the class!
with the class!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. What were your artificial reefs made of? πŸ™‚

    1. Jordana Mari says:

      It’s made of cement and shaped like a jack stone. πŸ™‚ Why?

  2. Doctor Eamer says:

    I want to go there! πŸ™‚ Cool!

    1. Jordana Mari says:

      You can go here, but it will be a long and winding journey! hehe

      1. Doctor Eamer says:

        Saka na, pag may isasama na ako πŸ™‚

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