New Year in Antique

My friend Carmie invited me to celebrate Christmas with them, but I refused. I spent it in my hometown with my family. But I said that I could celebrate New Year with them in Antique and so my journey began. I went back to the city last December 29, went to Miagao on December 30 and rode a 4-hour bus ride to Tibiao, Antique on the 31st. I was hungover then. I came from a fiesta in Miagao and I single-handedly drank a whole bottle of wine.

When I arrived, we went directly to a forest and had our little trail walk. It was very muddy because of the continuous drizzle. After 1 hour trekking, we went home. We planned to swim at the beach near them but the waves are extremely harsh that time so we decided to wait for the dark and go back to their house instead.

with my friend Carmie


We went to the town proper and had some coffee at a nice coffee house and I really liked their Americano. Later that night, we went to church and attended the mass.

with Carmie’s cute sisters


Next day, we woke and Carmie’s family decided to go swimming in Barbaza, Antique. We rode their motor and when we arrived, we splashed ourselves in a nice pool. It was a New Year indeed.

Thank you 2014
Thank you 2014!
Thank you 2014!

In the afternoon I decided to go home to Miagao. It was time to go. Thank you Carmie! I had so much fun!


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    1. Jordana Mari says:

      Thank you so much Sir! 🙂

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