Ako si Graciano Lopez Jaena Fun Ride

For the first time in forever, I joined a fun ride. I do not own a bike, but my super friend Sandra lent me her bike so I was able to join them. It was a 28-kilometer bike and while typing this: my back hurts, my arms are shaky, and I can’t feel half of my legs including what’s in between. However, the event was faithful to its name – it was a FUN ride. I had fun. You know how I say that no matter how hurt I am I will always enjoy sports and other outdoor activities? Yes, this is it. Someday, I could buy my own bike and join them again.

Til then, I guess I would have to feel contented having these pictures:

Me being a “feeler” hahaha but i finished a 28-km bike ride, right?
with Iloilo Padyak Xtreme (IPAD)
Sandra taking back pictures and I smiled
with my twin Sandra
Thank you. I love you.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nue says:

    Nice! I hope I can do that soon. =)

  2. Jordana Mari says:

    Yes ate, be envi friendly na and athletic para maging super sexy ka pa!

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