The First Ever Basketball Win

I’ve been a casual player of basketball since I was in high school. I’ve played several times when there were not enough players, but I cannot say that I am good at it. I’m good at others sports, but not basketball.

In a fortunate twist of events, I was invited to play the first game for Basketball Women of the College of Law yesterday. It was against the Basic Education Department. I honestly thought that we were playing against the College of Nursing, but it turned out different. I played from the start until the end. Despite a major fall during the first quarter which caused me bruises and a sensitive tooth right now, the good news is we won and it’s amazing. In a technical sense, I’ve been with basketball teams that won minor events back in college and high school, but this time, we won a game during the Intramurals. And it’s sort of different, so yay!

Good luck to us guys for the upcoming games!

First Five, Only Five, and Last Five



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