How my summer is going so far

I’ve said in my last entry that I am back, yet I have been a bum in posting some updates about my life (though, I don’t think it’s worth sharing). However, at the risk of being exposed, here some of the things I have been up to so far:

  1. Important grades are out and I passed! I guess, I’m going to be a regular senior law student next school year and there’s no stopping now! I need to study harder because at the end of the year (maybe November or December), I have to take a Comprehensive examination and I need to pass it in order to graduate. I hope the Lord is still with me and will guide me through this. My classmates, let’s graduate together!
My loves LLB 3-A. Let’s be LLB 4-Aver ❤


2.  After 22 days of officially finishing the last day of school, I have yet to study. BUT I have been running again! Yey to that! The last time I ran was last August during Run Up 5 and this year, I vow to run again. It’s also the first time that I have joined a circuit training program. I want to build a little upper-body muscle so I hope it’s going to be worth it. BTW, I also played tennis again!

With my buddies Orlan and Sandra

3. I seldom write in my journal. Woops! I know that it’s irrelevant, but as I have said, I know my life is doing well if I noticed that I seldom write. Why? Because reality is so much better that I opt to feel it rather than write about it.

This is what my new journal looks like!


4. Exactly 3 years ago today, I left the happy years of my life – college. I graduated from the University of the Philippines Visayas with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science – Management. Yes, up until today, I cannot move on. I don’t understand why, but being a college student in UP is the greatest gift of life to me.

So happy!


5. Election is coming! I have set my mind as to who my President and Vice President are, but I have never been so sure about my ONE and ONLY SENATOR – NERI COLMENARES. Of all the candidates, he is the only qualified to take a lead as he has always been keen in voicing out the needs of the masses. Go Neri! ColMe!


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