Crossfit at Anhawan

Back in April, we signed up for a weekly crossfit program at the Iloilo Sports Complex. It started when my friend Orlan talked me into teaching him tennis because he wanted to lose weight fast. He was dealing with some health issues. So everyday after work, I went there and we play together. It’s not unusual to me since I used to be at the sports complex everyday back in the summer of 2014 when I used to live in Jaro. It was the time that I started running and I was really into it.

Going back to the quest for weight loss of Orlan, one day after the game, I was also with Sandra, he went to the D section and asked the trainer if we could join their program. He said that he will pay for us and it would be daily. The next day we started our training. However, since I am working and I used to go home in Miagao, I only go there twice a week. The training was intense. We did a lot of exercises that caused my body to ache for weeks. I was really taking it seriously since I want to develop some muscles because I think I’m too skinny. Thank God I gained a little weight.

Orlan and Sandra, my tennis students
Day 5
Day 5
Day 6
Day 6
Day 9
Day 9

So now you’re wondering why is this post entitled “Crossfit at Anhawan”? Well, it’s because last Sunday, together with all my crossfit mommies and buddies, we went to Anhawan to expand our territory. LOL! Kidding aside, we went there to have fun and we did some exercises! I don’t know but I’m so thankful to have joined the program and to meet some nice people. It has been a while since I have found new friends. Thank you Lord for the gift of friendship. You have never failed me.

Warm up!
Waiting for the instructions!
Ready to Battle!
On a Sandraback ride 🙂
Another exercise!
Loser sila!


Crossfit Family!

After all the shenanigans, Sandra and I took a little time to swim and have our picture taken. We also did our Fitness Goal Video just for the heck of it! Wooh!


Pabebe pose!
Work work work for that abs or flabs
Sandra lifts me up!

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