Four years

Yesterday, we were playing volleyball when a freshman asked me, “Nang fourth year ka na?” I said, “Huo.” And she replied, “Wow, congrats.” I told her that one day she will become fourth year too. However, she asked me again, “Fourth year kamo di tanan?” and I said, “Indi ah, kami lang duwa (referring to my bff Sandra)” She once again said congrats.

It took a while to sink in, but maybe I really deserve to be congratulated because despite everything that has happened, I am a fourth year regular student. And to celebrate my journey, I would like to post my pictures of four of the acquaintance parties that I represented our batch during the bonfire, promising that we will pass the Comprehensive exam and eventually, the Bar.

It was my first year and I was just dragged by Kuya Migs to speak in behalf of my batchmates. I promised to pass first year and so majority of us did!
I was a sophomore! I don’t know who dragged me here, but I was told to speak again! I don’t know, I’m not really fond of predicting the future in a confident manner, so I still promised to pass second year and maintain 3 sections til third year, while other kept saying that they will already pass the Bar. Hmm, we maintained 3 sections! Hoooray!
This is the most awkward photo, but I am already on my 3rd year. This time, it’s safe to say that we will try to be fourth year, pass compre, and again pass the Bar someday!
It took me 4 years to finally light the bonfire! I’m on my senior year. This year it was really promised to pass compre and the Bar! We still maintained 3 sections! It took me 4 years, but all was worth it! Basta Ilonggo, wala punaw!


I don’t know how I got here, but all I know right now is that there’s no turning back. I hope that the universe will conspire to make my dreams come true. To everyone who happens to drop by here, I am asking you to please pray for me. Thank you so much. ❤



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