Random drives

I’ve been back on track for a while now. Even though my knee hurts at times (please heal soon), I’ve been trying to run again with my classmates who are more than eager to lose the weight and get through boredom. So last week, after our run, a thought came and I suggested that we should go somewhere this week. They didn’t disappoint me. Yesterday, we had our random drive going a little bit north.

Travelling with Matcha the Panda and our driver Sandra Ganda

We first ate our lunch at Bulljack. It was my first time there and to tell you, the food was good.

Nice food
Awesome company

Next, we drive far north and went to Dumangas to have coffee. Yes, you’re reading it right. We went there to have a sip of coffee, how bs is that? But we did. And it was fun. We went to Curvus Cafe. Guess what? I didn’t even order coffee, I ordered mocha. I am more bs than what we did.

The place was good and the view was awesome. If it weren’t hot at that time since we arrived at around 2PM, then my experience would have been better. Still, I enjoyed everything there, especially that I am with my beautiful friends.

Curvus Cafe, Dumangas, Iloilo
Having coffee with Mads
All them pretty ladies
Line up according to beauty

Til next time, ladies. I love you ❤


Dumangas Next Top Models
Leganes Next Top Models

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