San Remigio, Antique

I never thought that there is a strawberry farm here in Panay. I know that it is not a local fruit that’s why I only associate it with Baguio which is the coolest place here in the tropical country of the Philippines. I said I never thought about it, but it exists. It’s here. It is situated in San Remigio, Antique and I went there last Sunday. I was with Kristian Carl, who I know reads this blog. So I’m gonna greet you! Hi Ne! Here is the post! Basa pa more. 🙂

We took off from Miagao at around 8 in the morning and we arrived in San Jose, Antique after an hour. The bus fare was P63. We then rode a jeep from San Jose to San Remigio and travelled for almost 1 hour. We paid P27 for our ride. When we arrived in San Remigio proper, we were offered to ride a Skylab (Habal-Habal) to go to Aningalan. We agreed at the rate of P200 each back and forth.

When we arrived, we paid 30 pesos environmental fee. There was a designated guide who will be with you all through out the tour. We first went to the Igbaclag Cave and checked out two (2) different caves – one was open while the other is closed.

Model ng bato, ooopss basi matokhang
Budlay gid?
Our hobby!
Hay daming problema but still pretty!
Going insdie the cave, gamay lang ko di mahulog man mapa-picture gid!
I look up to the sky, pray before the dawn
Towards redemption!
Dark cave where we saw bats!
Looking down, but in a good way
Looking up and up

After that, we went to Danao Lake and rode a balsa. We paid P10 for the visit and additional P10 for the balsa ride.

Which way? This way!
My mariner ❤
Kakasa ka ba?

Lastly, we went to the strawberry farm. I was a little disappointed because I thought there was unlimited picking for a fixed rate, but when we were there we were advised not to pick anything. So we were forced to buy a quarter kilograms of strawberries for P150 just to try the product. I did not regret it though, it was good.

Be the red that bleeds in a world full of whites that do not heed!
I will eat you! Or not! Since no picking 😥
I will definitely eat you!

It’s really nice to go to places especially those that are not yet abused. When I was there, I wished that it was my hometown. It was really beautiful and one of the top places I’ve been to. Kruhay Antique! You are amazing!

Earth tones!
Nice view!
Highway to heaven!
And I said to myself, what a wonderful world! ❤

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