Miagao Escapades 2017*

For most of us, holy week is a time to stay at home and fast. It’s a time to pray and celebrate the death and resurrection of God. While most of the Filipinos are tied by their religious duties, me and my friends decided to go out in the open and celebrate God’s love in a non-conventional way – we travelled. It’s not really that far since we were only in Miagao, but it was far enough to be away from the urban life which is full of pain and toxic.

The promise of redemption is upon us ❤

DAY 1:

During Maundy Thursday, we hopped on a jeepney to Brgy. Tigmalapad and was on the road for an hour. The ride was smooth at first, but when we reached Brgy. Igbita, the road started to be a little challenging. It was a rough road and we passed by a river. The trip was not that scary except for the part where it is much uphill that I think we might not able to climb it. Fortunately, we did! Actually, we went off past our stop so we walked back to the place where we were supposed to be dropped off. We then walked several rice terraces to be able to go to the house of Tita Janet where we would spend our 2-night sleep of our 3-day adventure.

Funny story: It was really steep that I keep looking at my feet when I saw Dana Lee turned right so I followed her. Unfortunately, when I turned right there were two other turns that I decided to turn left. That’s when I realized that I took a wrong turn and creepy things started to play inside my head. I decided to shout and shout until they heard me and I eventually found them. It was a sigh of relief and it was not funny at all.

When we arrived at Tita Janet’s house, we talked and caught up with each other’s lives. Actually, Dana Lee, Dolly and I always see each other that I need not apprise them of what’s happening about me and vice versa, but Bea has been away for a while that we talked more of what’s happening. Or not really. I guess I talked more.

Ooops nahulog-log-log
Selfie is life!


Small Group! ❤

After we talked, we decided to go to a nearby hill and waited for the sun to set.

Tattoo: Dragon Tree
Tattoo: Phoenix
Tattoo: Swan
The two Danas
Enjoying under the sun!


DAY 2:

It was Good Friday and in the morning I keep saying that I could still ask for the Lord since He will be dead at 3PM. We woke up at 4 AM and started our trek at 5AM. It was a wonderful day for me because I was really hopeful and for the first time in months, I felt that I was at peace. During our hike, I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of nature and the company of my friends.

Sun rise 1
Sunrise 2
The sun is up at 6 AM
We are all pretty!
Trekking again!
Just like the sun, I will rise everyday

We went straight to Lake Danao where I ate a lot of wild berries. We went to a nearby hill where Mt. Napulak is just an inch away (as far as my sense of sight would tell me) and we took several pictures. We then placed our banig and took our breakfast by the hill. It was really breathtaking!

Lake Danao
The serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Girl in the middle!
Up the Hill
Nipple Mountain!

After our breakfast, we started our trek again and went to Sinuhutan Cave. Normally, it would take 3 hours for us to get there, so since we take off from Lake Danao at 7:30 Am, we expected to be there by 10:30 AM. That’s why I was really surprised when we finished the whole trek to and tour of the cave at only 9:57AM. It’s when I realized that we were fast and maybe that’s the reason my legs are hurt badly. I was  really worried that my knee pain would come back so at some point I tried to be really careful.

Pass by this flower on our way to the cave. This is Rafflesia and it is the biggest flower ever!

However, all my worries went away when we were inside the cave. I’ve been to a few caves and Sinuhutan is by far the best. It was a dark one so we needed flash lights and good thing I brought one. I don;t exactly know how to describe the cave based on geological jargons, but it was a complicated one. We went high and low and we even walked on the water. When we came out, I felt really sticky and I had so much mud on me.

Caving in
Caving out
Caving up
Caving under
Trio again
The group!

We then decided to go down the big stone where the log-in area was located to have our lunch. In order not to feel really tired of the trek, we sang while on the trail. It was really helpful since I barely remember complaining on our way because I was busy remembering the lyrics of what I was singing.

Before we finally went home to Tita Janet’s, I bought singkamas and avocado to be given to lola when I go home. We also went by another hill where a nice rice terraces can be seen and we took a lot of group pictures.

DAY 3:

During the night, we decided to catch the 8AM trip. We said that we will wake up by 6:30, have breakfast and take off by 7AM. So we did. But we did not catch the jeepney. It already took off at 7:30AM and the next trip would be at 11AM.

Of course we could not wait. Dana Lee will be going to Zarraga and Dolly to the City. We suggested to ride a habal-habal, but Bea hesitated for having a bad experience. Dolly also said that she once fell down a motorcycle. Dana and I insisted since we thought it was safer. Eventually, we all agreed and we rode on a motorcycle. I was with Dana Lee and Bea was with Dolly.

Just roughly 5 minutes after the ride, our motorcycle fell down. I saw how Manong Driver took a wrong turn that caused us to slid off the road. It didn’t feel like  near-death experience but I got some scratches on my arm and my knee. Manong Driver’s situation was worse since his knee was badly bruised. Dana on the other hand was not scratched, luckily. Thank you Lord for taking care of us despite being dead.

At the end of the day, I could say that my trip was awesome. It was made even better because I was with my best friends who have always been there for me through ups and downs. They are my friends who always remind me that I deserve better and who accepted me despite my imperfections and my dark side. In that trip, I realized how our friendship grew stronger that I can say that no amount of pain can take away my love for them.


The fake laugh which is suggested by Dolly to be our signature pose!
Friends forever!

*I am borrowing Dana Lee’s album title


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