This is a story of a girl

I’m Jordana, an 18 year-old (i’d like to think nga 18 na ko since in less than a week maging 18 na gid man ko. la ka na da labot ah. hehe) stupid girl.
When I say stupid here, it’s not because i’m unintelligent but because i do things the stupid way but it is still sensible.

In short, I’m just sensibly stupid.

I don’t really care about schooling, educating myself is far important to me.

There’s more about me but it’s the privilege of those who are willing to know me better.


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  1. nuelene says:

    and i like to think that i’m still a teen

    so ate elaine and i used to call ourselves tweenteen

    hehehe..i don’t do stupid things but i do some things that for other people are stupid.

    gin-add na gale kita sa blogroll ko.. 🙂

  2. tweenteen? or twenty? hahaha!
    thanks te! 😀

  3. nuelene says:

    tweenteen pa rin ako no?hehehe

  4. danajord says:

    til when? less than a year nalang ba?

    1. nuelene says:


      hangga’t feeling ko tweenteen ako

  5. boywitty says:

    nice one. sensibly stupid.
    me thinks i am one too. 😀

  6. danajord says:

    @boywitty – you think so?
    hmmm. thanks sa pagbasa
    sang mga witi2 nga sulat2 ko di. hehe.

  7. boywitty says:

    sure, come visit my site sometime. 😀

  8. danajord says:

    actually na-visot ko na sya even before pako nagka-account.




    1. boywitty says:

      😀 wow! la ko na kabalo ah.
      subong bal-an ko na. ahahaha! 🙂

  9. danajord says:

    *visit gali. haha

  10. danajord says:

    @ate nue: feeler kaayo ui.

  11. danajord says:


    witty kgd man ah.

  12. John Ryan Recabar says:

    it’s good to know that students are now embracing blogging. this is a big start.

    but oh, do not begin a blog with disclaimers. do not be apologetic.

    write on!

  13. jordanamarijaco says:

    kis-a praning lang gid ko bi Sir,
    feeling ko damo gid ko sala.

    Anyway, Thanks for the comment and encouragement.
    Nami lang gid bi kis-a kung may mapautwasan ka sang mga bagay nga indi mo mahambal.

  14. christine says:

    Indi ka man stupid Dan! You’re one of the most sensible people I know. Grabe ka gid galing manumdum, ang mga indi ko ka relate gid! Haha!

  15. Doctor Eamer says:

    Ngayon ko lang nakita ang new look ng blogsite mo 🙂 Cool!hehe

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